Rain to River Consulting is licenced to use Aquatic InformaticsTM AQUARIUS software this software is the industry standard for hydrometric data management and is used by the Water Survey of Canada and the US Geological Survey. AQUARIUS software isused to quality assure and quality control time series data, build ratingcurves, and derive and publish hydrological data. The software offers sophisticated data archiving and reporting ensuring peace of mind and excellent data presentation.

JBS Instruments AquaCalc Pro Plus discharge computers are used by Rain to River to conduct USGS quality discharge/streamflow wading measurements. These computers help generate faster, more accurate measurements and produce professional measurement reports.

Rain to River staff are proficient in a wide range of hydrometric, environmentaland meteorological monitoring equipment and software. We offer a range of environmental real time monitoring equipment, sensors and data loggers to achieve projects goals for a range of budgets. We work hard to ensure our equipment knowledge is current ensuring exceptional service to our clients.

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